Chesapeake Bay Candle - Sea Salt Vanilla

Home Scents Collection for Summer

I’m excited to partner with Chesapeake Bay Candle today to talk about their Home Scents Collection for summer. The second we opened the package my fiancé was ready to light and place the candles all …

Dancers Pose on the 99th Floor of the Willis Tower, Chicago

Yoga Class 99 Floors Up in Chicago

Last week I went to my favorite yoga class ever with Yoga Six. It was the best yoga class because of the location not necessary to teacher or the series. Yoga Six hosted a silent …

How to easily become a morning person

Key’s To Becoming A Morning Person

I’ve read tons of articles about ‘how to become a morning person‘ and sometimes wonder where people come up with these ideas. Why would you set an alarm 4 rooms away or try all these …