elvis+elvin peel off face mask review

Best Beauty Products I used in May

For this series, I usually do a round up of some of my favorite products but this time I just want to highlight one product! I recently tried the elvis +elvin Hydrate Therapy Detoxify Alginate …

Erin Condren - Life Planner Wedding Planner review

Erin Condren – Life Planner Review

I’m not sure what is wrong with me but getting and staying organized is a real struggle for me! I am not one of those people that live and die by their planner, I hardly …

Does age matter when you are dating?

Caught Kissing – Round 72 Does Age Really Matter?

When you are dating, does age really matter? This topic was something a few girlfriends and I started discussing the other weekend. We each had a different outlook on this topic. One girl liked dating …