Tacos and Tequila Themed Party

Taco bout a party sign, tacos and tequila themed party

Happy Fri-YAY friends!  We made to the end of the week and that deserves a celebration, I would say it deserves a margarita!  In honor of my boyfriend and I moving in together we having our first party this weekend, I wish it was a tacos and tequila themed party but that will have to wait for another time.  We are having just a run normal house warming party with burgers, beers and friends! 

Glittered Modelo beer bottlel, tocas and tequila themed partyel pato bean cans as cactus plant holders, tacos and tequila themed party

I love how colorful and fun all of these decorations are, they brighten everything up! 6 different types of tacos, tacos and tequlia themed party

There are a few taco recipes that we are making all the time at our apartment: Caribbean chicken tacos, black beef flautas, breakfast tacos and grilled steak tacos.

I love all tacos equally, but the Caribbean chicken tacos are my personal favorite right now.  Our secret to great tacos is to cook the tortillas on the stove for a few seconds flipping often.  This will make them taste way better and your tortillas are less likely to break if you fill them up a little too much!

spicey watermelong margarita, taco and tequila theme party

There may be a trend on my insta feed, I will go to Big Star for any reason but one of my favorite items on the menu are their margaritas. (seen here, here) I’ve been working on improving my margaritas this summer by making pineapple margaritas, cucumber lime margarita and the classic margarita.  My secret tip to any making a margarita is to add a little canyon pepper, it will give anything a kick!  (get more margarita recipes here)  My other new favorite drink is the Pisco Sour!

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