Backwards Books

beach inspired bookself that is white and light colorsBackwards bookself wall in a master bedroomOffice bookselves with books placed backwards to see the pages

Michael Cunningham wall bookself with books placed backwardsbookself with backwards books placed on the shelves with a red couch

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A few months ago I shared a peek into our apartment (here, here, here and here), but lately I’ve been itching to do a little home decor updating!  Maybe it’s spring on my mind and the thought of spring cleaning but I’m craving a little change in our apartment.

Uniquely shaped bookshelves have been popular on Pinterest lately but I’m into displaying my books backwards! I’ve seen it in a few home tours and on a few home decor shows but this new display method has me inspired to flip around the books in our living room! It is a free way to change the look in any room and something easy to reverse if you don’t like it.  Instead of displaying what you’ve read you can flip around the books to hid the spine to give your bookshelf a different feel.  I like how some of the shelves have the books thrown in there to give it more of a random feel while some have the books carefully placed and groups by color of pages.

What do you think of the backwards book display trend? 

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