Easy 4th of July Party Food

I shared a bit about our 4th of July theme party earlier but I wanted to share the food we had at our party!  We kept it pretty All-American with burgers, hot dog’s, pasta salad and chips and salsa.

The Kissing Booth Blog - Homemade green salsa for a 4th of July party The Kissing Booth Blog - Homemade green salsa

For any party we host, I like to make homemade green salsa for our guests. (I’ll share my green salsa recipe next week) I like to pour salsa in a few different bowls so I can place them around making it easy for our guests to grab some when they want a bite. I used small brown lunch bag’s and rolled down the sides to turn them into small chip bag’s that I could place next to each salsa bowl. I make 2 small chip bag’s out of a large bag from the store.

The Kissing Booth Blog - homemade pasta salad The Kissing Booth Blog - Homemade pasta salad for 4th of july party

I made this pasta salad the night before our party so I had less work to do on Saturday.  I love how easy pasta salads are to make and how they are almost better when you make them the day before. (are you catching my theme of small easy tricks to make entertaining easier for myself?)  This pasta salad has 10 ingredients, the perfect amount of my cooking level.

The Kissing Booth Blog - 4th ofJuly hot dogs

We had burgers and hot dog’s that I picked up at Mariano’s in NEW CITY Lincoln Park. This Mariano’s has an amazing meat counter so we grabbed some of their pre-made burgers instead of the frozen ones. I’m so happy we decided to that because our guests were loving the variety of flavors! Mariano’s had 12 different flavors so I got one of each, it was a surprise what kind of burger you got!

I was able to get everything I needed for our party at Marion’s in NEW CITY Lincoln Park, the convenient location made shopping so easy!  If you haven’t been to NEW CITY Lincoln Park, it is the cities newest lifestyle and entertainment district. It’s a city block big filled with dining, shops, entertainment and other nightlife — you can literally liver there in one of the residential towers.  There is an open courtyard in the city and they are having a summer concert series every Thursday from 7 to 9 until September 1. View more events/ sales here.  I guess if you didn’t want to host a 4th of July party at your home, you could just celebrate at NEW CITY Lincoln Park!

Thank you to NEW City Lincoln Park for partnering with me on this post. I was gifted these products to try and these are my honest opinions.

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