How Far Would You Go For Love

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How far would you go for love?

I heard this questions on my way to work the other day and have been thinking about it a lot. As my fiancé and I prepare to get married I’ve been thinking how far would I go for him? How far would he go for me?

I look at my parents who have been married for 30 years! They have had their highs and lows but always figured it out. Can you image everything you go through over 30 years like children, home ownership, getting new jobs/ losing a job, sickness… Like any couple, I know they have had their good times and hard times but they have somehow always managed to figure it out. They are great roll models for me. My mom doesn’t even get mad that may dad plays golf every weekend!

Then I look at my grandparents that have been married for 65+ years, what an accomplishment! I’ve heard stories from my grandpa of the challenges life put them through but they always fought for their love. My grandpa always reminds that love is a moving, growing and changing thing. During different stages of your life, your love will feel different!  They are inspiring to be around!

Everyone says that marriage isn’t easy and I am not naive to that fact. I would be lying if I told you that I wasn’t scared about that or nervous of divorce but I like to think that I have a realistic look on love and marriage.


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