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Cooking for two - plain healthy dinners for two

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Sur la Table Wine Glass 

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I’ve been sharing more entertaining posts and some fun drink ideas but today I wanted to share about our everyday dinners.  I’ve been pinning a storm on my Dinner for Two with tons of healthy meals. Since getting engaged my fiancé and I have been trying to eat and be more healthy. (#WeddingDiet) While all of the recipes I’ve pinned look amazing and sound delicious, they are a way too advanced for me.

When it comes to cooking at home, we normally make plain meals. A normal meal for us at home is chicken with some kind of veggies. Lately we have been making a ton of Brussels sprouts, green beans, red potatoes and sweet potatoes. Typically we’ll bake everything at once (and hope it’s done at the same time) and that’s it! I soak everything in olive oil and add a season mix I picked up in Galena.

Truth be told, I set off the fire alarm making this meal… The worst part was my fiancé was working from home and on a work conference call when it happened. I tried to stop the fire alarm by opening all the windows and waving around some towels but that didn’t help the situation! If this sounds familiar, it because it happens often like the maple bacon Brussels sprouts

What are have you been making for dinner? Do you have any favorite healthy food blogs, please leave any recommendations in the comments!

PS – My fiancé gave me these flowers for Valentines Day from a shop called Steve’s Flower Market on Grand Ave. This is our go-to flower shop! They can create a boutique on the spot for you and are very reasonable priced! I can’t recommend this place enough!  

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