Cheers to National Chardonnay Day (May 25th)

Wente wine - May 25 National Chardonnay DayCaught Wine-Handed - May 25 National Chardonnay Day
When Wente Vineyard asked me to try their Chardonnay, I knew that I could do this job! In honor of National Chardonnay Day on May 25th, I wanted to raise of glass to all my girlfriends! As many you might know, my fiancé has been traveling for work a lot. That means a lot of free nights to spend with my girlfriends.

I have a few traditions when my boyfriend is out of town, the best one is planning as many girlfriend dates as possible. Lately I’ve been offering  to have a friend over for a homemade dinner and glass of wine. It makes for a relaxing evening having friends over with a glass of wine in hand. There is nothing that a glass of wine can’t fix, especially feeling lonely when my fiancé is gone.

This Wente Vineyard Chardonnay is a great white wine to keep around the apartment. I found it at our local Binny’s and it was under $20. Its a perfectly buttery and delicious wine that pairs well with dinner. Find the closet place to buy it here.

Wente wine with dinner - National Chardonnay DayDinner with Wente Chardonnay wine

I’ve been paring my wine with this easy dinner that I’ve been making all the time. It’s a quick and easy bowl that takes about 25 minutes to make (and makes great leftovers). First, I make quinoa then mix in pesto.  I serve it over a bed of spinach and cooked chicken (I’m really into rotisserie chicken right now) and sprinkle with cheese. It’s one of those dinners that I can make extra large and keep for lunch or dinner the next few days.  Annnddd, most important this dinner pairs very welly with Chardonnay.

Thank you Wente Vineyard for sponsoring with me on this post. As always, these are my honest opinions.

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