Yoga Class 99 Floors Up in Chicago

Yoga from the Willis Tower in Chicago

Last week I went to my favorite yoga class ever with Yoga Six. It was the best yoga class because of the location not necessary to teacher or the series. Yoga Six hosted a silent yoga class on the 99th floor of the Willis Tower! It was such an inspiring class, it reminded me why I enjoy my practice yoga.

View from the 99th Floor of the Willis Tower, Chicago

This was my first time inside the Willis Tower (formally Sears Tower)! The class started at 7 so we got there around 6:30 to claim our spot. Katie and I didn’t get there earlier enough put our mat’s in front of the window so we took the second row. While we waited for the class we walked around the floor soaking up all of the views. It’s wild how different the city looks from 99 floors up! It feels like you can see forever! All of the buildings looked so small in comparison.

Dancers Pose on the 99th Floor of the Willis Tower, Chicago

Two Yoga Six instructors lead our class. Everyone wore headphones so we could hear the teachers and DJ. The headphone were a little hard to get used at first but didn’t bother me as we kept going.

The class itself was really good! I’ve gone to Yoga Six a few times before and they are always really good! During this class the teachers kept reminding us to look outside to enjoy the view. I forget how hard it is to balance, let alone look out the window like that! Truth be told, the balancing poses are always a challenge for me! Some days I am great withe the balancing poses and other days it is the opposite.

Thank you Yoga Six and HL Group for inviting me to this class! This post was not sponsored, I just had a great time and wanted to share! If you are interest in Yoga Six, sign up here!

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