Why My Fiance and I Decided to Buy Together Before We Are Married

I was always one of those people that said I would never live with my boyfriend before we were married. Once my fiancé and I started seriously dating we decided that the next best move was to move in together. After dating for about 3 years we moved into our first apartment in West Town together. I’m so happy that we made the decision to live together, it was so good for our relationship. This summer we closed on our first condo together!

Buying a home with your fiance

After the first few months of living together I knew that we would eventually get married. Living with him felt natural and it worked without effort.

About this time last year I started planting the idea of buying a condo. At first I told him that I would be the owner and he could rent from me until we were married. He quickly shot that idea down saying that we are a team so we make team decisions.

I kept dropping hints whenever I could about buying a place. Finally this summer we were looking on one of the home apps and he fell in love with a place. By the time we were pre-approved and really in the market that place was long gone. We ended up finding a place and the whole buying process was so smooth for us!

Signs my fiance and I were ready to buy together:

We were already engaged and planning on being together for the long haul.

We’ve talked about money, shared money and have similar financial goals. (This was a big one for me! I wanted to feel financially secure after buying and buying a home with someone that had the same views made me feel better.)

We had a financial plan together, we had the money for a down payment. We created the plan together.

Together we were pre-approved for more then either of us individually and that price range was what were were hoping for.

We wanted to live in the same neighborhood and wanted a similar home.

Knowing that we are on the same page for what we wanted in our future and financially was so important to me.  If you and your boyfriend/ fiancé are starting to talk about buying together I recommend have some real conversations about what each of you want. Be open, honest and get down to the hard stuff.


Cheers Robyn