Dubai Part 3

I’m excited to share my last two days in Dubai. They were my favorite days!  You can read my recaps about our first few days in Dubai here and here.

On Thursday I booked a spa treatment at Palazzo Versace Dubai. The spa inside the hotel was so dreamy and beautiful! In the waiting room there was a Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, some cooling showers and it was overall very relaxing. I got there an hour early to enjoy all of it! I love a good spa day, but this was my favorite experience ever.

Pool at the Plazzo Versace Dubai

After my spa treatment I went to their pool area to lay out for an hour. I know I was probably breaking a few rules, but come on. They asked me what my room number was and I made one up, I didn’t want to get kicked out! ha The hotel was so gorgeous that I couldn’t help myself!

That afternoon I headed to the Burj Khalifa to head up to the 124th floor! ahhh, I got to go up the tallest building n the world!  It was sooo cool! I read a few reviews that said to get a ticket in advance to skip the line. The elevator up to the 124th floor took about 60 seconds and it was such a smooth ride, you could hardly tell that it started to go up! I went up and spent about 30 minutes walking around the seeing all the possible views.

Standing at the top of the Burj KhalifaStanding on the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa

That night when I met my fiancé and his co-workers for dinner, we went back to the Burj Khalifa! We went up around 7pm and got different tickets that allowed us to go to the 148th floor! Holy cow, there was a difference! It felt significantly higher! We spent about 30 minutes walking around the 148th floor then went down (ha) to the 124th floor again.

Looking up at the Burj Khalifa at nightSarah Lagen standing at the top of the Burj Khalifa

They told us that you can standing on the ground watching the sunset, then take an elevator to the top of the Burj Khalifa to watch the sunset again. Isn’t that wild! I can’t tell you if I liked going up to the top better during the day or the night because it was so different. Both times it was so cool to see the view! I would recommend getting the pass to go to the 148th floor because it’s the ‘fast pass’ and you can skip any lines that form.

On Friday we took a day trip to Abu Dhabi. In full transparency, this was a bad tour. I don’t recommend it the one we did. Our tour guide didn’t teach us or tell us anything. Everything on that we were supposed to do was a teaser and we really didn’t get to do much.

Outside Emerates Palace

Our first stop was at Ferrari World, a theme park but we could only walk around the gift shop. Next we went to the Emerates Palace (I was so excited about this!) but we could get in past the gate!

Grand Mosque at sunset

Our last stop was the Grand Mosque — that was incredible! Walking around the Grand Mosque was totally worth the bad tour! We also go there right as the sun was setting so it made the place so picturesque.

That sums up our time and trip to Dubai! I’m going to do one last post next week to share what to expect and touch on some of the cultural difference. If you are planning a trip or have any questions, please send them my way!

Cheers Robyn