Pier 1 Summer Box

I’m super excited about todays post because I’m teaming up with Pier 1 to share what came in the Style Box. Your probably don’t know this but I worked at Pier 1 over a summer while I was in college. That summer I worked like 3 jobs and Pier 1 was by far the coolest!

Pier 1 - Style Box

It was a lot harder work then I expected! There were trailers to be unloaded, boxes to open, tons of trash (TONS of trash!!), dealing with customers and putting everything away at the end of the night. It’s was more work that I’m letting on here, ha! The coolest part of the job was seeing all the cute new home stuff and learning how to style it within the store. They gave you some general plans to follow but the manager gave us the ability to move things around if we thought it would sell better. (This is where I learned how to properly set a table and fell in love with table top decor!) 

But I loved working there! My manager was so nice, she taught me so much about decorating! The other big thing I remember about working there was their playlist. The playlist was incredible with some of the best dance songs, I wanted to steal a copy of the CD! It’s the small things that make a job great, right?

Pier 1 Summer Style Box

What was in my Pier 1 Style Box: 

Alright, on to the good stuff and what’s in the Style Box! The box had a wine glass, a small plate, a candle, a set of string lights and a gift card! I was so surprised to open it and see all the goodies! My wine glass has a brown tint, a fun take on a wine glass. I can’t wait to decorate for fall with this glass, it would make such a fun table setting.

Pier 1 - Fall wine glass - Style BoxPier 1 - Style Box 2017

This little plate was in my Style Box. How cute is this little rhinoceros guy on a bike! I also love how fun and playful Pier 1’s dishes and patterns are, they are so playful! This one isn’t on line anymore, but I’m obsessed with this set for the holidays.

Pier 1 Candle - Style Box

I put my string lights into a large mason jar on our counter. It adds the perfect amount of mood lighting at night and also a little flair. This vanilla candle was also in the box and it smells delicious!! (Pier 1 has so many good smelling candles, I remember people coming in and buying 4 or 5 a month!) 

Thank you so much to Pier 1 for sending the Style Box to me, I love working on partnerships like this one! I was not paid for this post, it is my honest opinion.

Cheers Robyn