YogaSix at Willis Tower

Buy tickets for the Nov 11th class here!

I attended one of the Yoga Six at Willis Tower classes earlier this year so when I had the opportunity to go again I jumped at it! I’ve been to Yoga Six before (their studios are beautiful and great teachers) and knew this wouldn’t disappoint. I asked Jess if she wanted to come with me and told her was only invited if she wasn’t scared of heights!

You guys, they are hosting another class in October and November. I’m going to do everything I can to attend both of them. These special classes are about $45 each and totally worth it. You get access to the 99th floor before the class starts, a cocktail and access to the SkyDeck. AND you are doing yoga 99 floors up!

It’s truly one of the most amazing ways to do yoga! When you stand up or look up all you see is the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan! It is hard to put into words the feeling that I had during class. It was breathtaking, surreal and challenging all at the same time.

I’ve been doing yoga for about 5 to 6 years, I’m by no means an expert but more or less I know what I’m doing.  I understand stand how to do most of the poses but still struggle getting into and holding them. Sometimes by body just don’t get it right either. But that’s why we practice. Balance will forever be a challenge for me, some days I have great balance and other days I can hardly stand on one foot. It’s different every day for me, no class is the same and I love it!

Jess and I had a great time snapping some pictures before class, check out her crow pose!! I can’t believe that she did it on the Ledge. You couldn’t pay me look down like that! After class we walked over to Beatrix in River North to grab brunch. It was a perfect girlfriend date!

Thank you Yoga Six and The SkyDeck for inviting me to this class! Follow @YogaSix and check out their next classes at the Willis Tower here. They are also running a promotion to try Yoga Six and your first week is $20! I hope you see you at the next class! 🙂

Buy tickets for the Nov 11th class here!

Cheers Robyn