Fresh Wave

Today I wanted to talk about some a home product that I love- Fresh Wave! It’s an odor neutralizer made with natural products! (Yay for no chemicals!) They have a variety of products on the market- our favorite are the gels, candles and pods.

Fresh Wave Review

Funny story, I worked at Fresh Wave and it was my first job after college. My time at Fresh Wave is a story for another day but I’ve been using the products ever since I left.  The products work so well, we always have some in our home.

Fresh Wave Product Review

Now to the products. Fresh Wave is an odor neutralizer meaning it removes and keeps our any smells from the air. It’s made with natural ingredients so you aren’t pushing chemicals into the air. I wouldn’t be partnering with Fresh Wave years after working there if I didn’t truly love the products and still use them.  Fresh Wave gave me this basket but we picked up 2 of the gel’s at Target over the weekend!

Fresh Wave - Product Review

Here is a real application for how we are using our Fresh Wave at home– After moving into our new condo and living there for a few weeks, I discovered that we have this REALLY SMELLY cabinet and drawer in our kitchen. It is where the trash is and the drawer on top of it.  It doesn’t smell like trash, it’s something else. (we toss it every other day and I aired out the trash cans over the weekend) I sprayed and cleaned the area with bleach but the smell came back. It’s been driving me nuts!

Jess came over last week and I made her smell the stinky drawer to prove that I’m not crazy.  She confirmed my suspicious that something smells horrible in there!!

I added a Fresh Wave pod at the back of the cabinet and that has made a huge difference. The smell isn’t totally gone yet but we are getting there. I’m going to use some of my Fresh Wave spray and place a gel at the back of the cabinet. I’ll report back on the bad smell and if I can finally find the source.

Thank you Fresh Wave for partnering with me on this blog post! And if any of my other homeowners have a bad smelling spot, I can’t recommend Fresh Wave enough!

Cheers Robyn