Don’t Lose Anything with Tile

Tile It - Not losing my planner

With the holidays all the way around us, I’m quickly losing my mind. My calendar is jam packed between work meetings, social events, family and this blog!  Honestly, I don’t know what I do if I lost my calendar.

I’ve tried many different calendars — everything from my phone, a paper calendar in our kitchen, a few different style paper ones but it took me so long to adopt one. I’ve finally made this one my own and religiously keep it updated.All of my social events, family functions and blog projects go into this planner. It is my lifeline and bible to keep my life in order.

Tile it - Not losing my Lauren James Planner

I’m partnering with Tile today on this post, I added my Tile to my calendar. The Tile has bluetooth technology to help me find it when it’s out of site.  I can’t sit here and tell you how good the Tile is, because it’s great.

Tile is the best selling bluetooth tracker. It’s so easy to utilize since you can attach it to anything that you don’t want to lose. Here is how it works, once you attach your Tile to whatever you don’t want to loose and download the app on your phone. Once the Bluetooth connection is made between your Tile and phone, it will send you the location to your phone so you can find it. Check out this cute Tile video!

Lauren James Planner with a Tile on it

The day after I added my Tile to my calendar it went missing in our condo. It’s like the calendar grew feet then walked right out.  It’s amazing how this happens… well I flipped on my Tile and found it in the guest bedroom closet. haha, that closet is full of junk! ha, I still don’t remember putting it in there!

Thank you to Tile and Linqia for partnering with me on this post. I was compensated for this post but these are my honest opinions.

Cheers Robyn