Newlywed Series – When Are You Having Kids?

I’m starting a new series today all about being newlywed’s since we recently got married! For my first post I wanted to address the question “When are you going to have kids?”

I’m pretty sure that we got asked this question minutes after our ceremony. Why does everyone feel the need to ask newlywed’s when they are going to have kids? I swear everyone asks from family, friends, co-works, people at the gym…. everyone asks this! (I can’t judge too hard, I know that I’ve asked the question before.)

When are you having kids? - Newly weds series

It feels like a natural question to ask. We’ve been taught first comes love, then marriage then the baby in the baby carriage…

Buuttt, it doesn’t always work like that. Not everyone wants to have kids. Not everyone is able to have kids. Some couples say they just want to enjoy married life.  There is nothing right or wrong about it, it’s a personal decision between every couple.

As a women I have so many feelings about wanting to have kids that are all across the spectrum. I get so many warm feelings watching videos of kids doing cute, funny things. When I get to hold my friends babies, I don’t want to give them back! I think having kids would be the so rewarding!

As the exact same time, I think having kids would be so scary! Together you’d be responsible to raise a kid!! You get to form and shape that little human to become a contributing member of society. You have to teach the little one how to read, how to make friends and be nice to people. You’ll even have to discipline the little one! Let’s not even get into schooling and money because that also scares the crap out of me!

Beside those emotions about having kids one day, there is also that lurking unknowing if we’ll even be able to have our own kids.  What if we decided we want a family and can’t have our own kids? I know there are other options but I think that would be a really hard reality to face. There are so many thoughts and emotions that come along with thinking about starting a family.

For us, we certainly aren’t having kids anytime soon! We are hoping to one day start our own family. Maybe in a year or two we will reconsider our standpoint when we want it to happen. For now, our answer is no time soon!

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Cheers Robyn