Selecting our Wedding Bands with Michael Hill Jewelers

I’m partnering with Michael Hill Jewelers today to talk about wedding bands! When it comes down to it, wedding bands are a really important piece of jewelry. As we enter engagement season, (I got engaged right after Christmas last year!) it feels like the right time to talk about it. I thought that only woman thought about their wedding bands, but it turns out that guys have a lot of thoughts about them too.

The most popular wedding band for men is a tungsten wedding band. I totally understand why they are the most popular, they look and feel pretty masculine. They are more appealing because tungsten wedding bands are heavier and harder than other metal wedding bands. For example it is 10 times harder than 18k gold!

The biggest challenge or hesitation for getting a tungsten wedding band is that you can’t resize them. You have to be very sure about your ring size when you order the wedding band. This can be intimidating because normally don’t wear rings until they wear their wedding rings.

Working with Michael Hill I learned that they are so helpful with sizing to make sure that you get the right size and feel comfortable with it. I learned the standard size for women’s rings is 7 1/4 and 10 1/4. They have a size guide here that can help.

Now that we have more of the technical stuff out of the way, I want to share more about our wedding bands. My husband decided not to get a tungsten band. He made this decision because it couldn’t be resized and he doesn’t know his ring size.  He decided to go with a ring that has a brushed finish and little design along the ridge of the ring. It feels and looks very masculine, exactly what he wanted. This one from Michael Hill is really similar to his, and under $400.

For added sentiment, my husband surprised me by wanting to get his ring engraved with our wedding date! I don’t know why but I thought that was so sweet.

As for my wedding band, I got a rose gold band with some diamond chips on half of it. To be totally honest, I was really hesitant about getting a wedding band. I love my engagement ring, it is absolutely perfect and everything I’ve wanted. It doesn’t need another piece of jewelry next to it to make it look beautiful.

Guide to Wedding Band shopping

After thinking about it and realizing that adding a wedding band isn’t about making it look beautiful but rather about our marriage I changed my mind. I went with something simple and classic. This ring from Michael Hill is really similar to mine. 

I didn’t get my wedding band engraved like my husband. It is something that I will eventually do, I just loved the sentiment and thoughtfulness behind it!

Read more about my partnership to Michael Hill Jewelry here.

All pictures by Katie. Thank you Michael Hill for sponsoring this post, I was compensated but these are my honest opinions.

Cheers Robyn