5 reasons I shop on Amazon for Household Essentials

Supporting the WWF:FSC with Kimberly-Clark and Amazon

Just like everyone, we love Amazon! I recently started buying everyday household items there, its been a game changer. Today I want to share a few reasons why we like shopping Amazon for household items.

Support the WWF:FSC with Kimberly-Clark and Amazon

Here is why we like to shop Amazon for household essentials: 

  1. It’s easy! Plain and simple, anything that makes our lives easier it worth it. I love a good trip to Target but always end up buying something I don’t need. Going with Amazon for household essentials allows me to skip all that. It makes me to stick to my list and only get what I need.
  2.  Get 15% off with Subscribe & Save when you subscribe to 5 of more products!  Umm, anytime we can save money I’m in! You can set certain items on auto reload. They’ll come to your home right before running out.
  3. You can currently save $2.50 on everyday household items like Viva Towels, Kleenex, Cotteonelle and Scott Products. Again, yes please! These are all items we buy and use everyday in our home.
  4. They have everything we need! Going right along with point number on, there is something about convenience that makes it worth everything.
  5. This point is more about Kimberly Clark Corporation but we like using Amazon for household essentials because the work with companies that have good practices.

Support the WWF:FSC with Kimberly-Clark

I’m happy to share that Kimberly Clark Corporation, World Wildlife Foundation WWF and Forest Stewardship Council® announced an agreement designed to raise awareness of the importance of choosing products that use fiber from responsibly managed forests. With such limited resources it is important to use and support companies that being responsible. I’m so impressed Kimberly Clark is making products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, and social benefits.

Shop Kimberly Clark Products here and remember if you use Amazon for household items to Subscribe & Save.

Thank you to Kimberly Clark Products and Linqia for partnering with me on this post. I was compensated for this post, these are my honest opinions.

Cheers Robyn