Cleaning & Maintenance Tips for Fine Jewelry

New year, new you, new habits… right? This isn’t always the case for me. I’m not huge fan of New Year Resolutions, it’s just not my thing. However, this year I’m committed to taking care of my stuff – especially my fine jewelry!

Growing up, my Dad would always get on us to ‘take care of our equipment, put it away, keep it clean.’ He would tell us this about our sports stuff, toys, anything… now that I’m an adult and starting to accumulate my own nice things, I get it. We should make it a priority to take better care of our things so they last longer.

Newly engaged holding a bottle of champaign

Personally, I want to keep my engagement ring, wedding band in tip top shape. It’s so sentimental to me. And it was expensive, it deserves the best treatment!

The experts at Michael Hill Jewelers know their stuff, so I’ve partnered with the brand to talk about cleaning and maintaining your fine jewelry. The first time I visited a Michael Hill store, I asked Karen, the store manager at the Oakbrook location, about how and when to clean your jewelry. She recommended cleaning it at home at least once a week. For more maintenance tips, check out Michael Hill’s care & maintenance guides.

Expert Tip:

Put a little jewelry cleaner in the lid and microwave it for 30 seconds. Heating up the cleaner will give you better results when you’re scrubbing your jewelry.

Speaking of that, that when you are scrubbing your jewelry, make sure that you are cleaning ‘all’ of it to make it really shine. Especially with engagement rings and weddings bands that have diamonds. Little stuff can get in and under there so easily and it can build up quick (especially if you don’t take off your rings when you wash your hands like me).

For maintenance, it’s recommend that you take your fine jewelry in every 6 months to checked out. Little prongs can come loose without us noticing and we wouldn’t want to lose a diamond! (I’ve heard nightmare stories!)  You can stop into any Michael Hill location and they will do a 6 month check in for you and make any necessary recommendations.

When you are out at the mall or near a Michael Hill Jewelers location stop in and ask them to professionally clean your ring. I do it every time I’m in there!  It doesn’t take long at all for them to put it in the professional cleaner and it makes a huge difference! And while you’re there, you can shop around too! 😉

Keeping your engagement ring sparkly - 2017

I’ll be taking my own advice this year by starting to take care of my stuff, especially my jewelry this year!

Thank you Michael Hill for sponsoring this post, I was compensated but these are my honest opinions.

Cheers Robyn