Michelob ULTRA 95,000 Experiences Sweepstakes


How are you doing on your 2018 fitness goals? I’m doing ok… I haven’t written about or talked about my fitness goals on my blog because it’s usually the first thing to go.  Late last year my husband and I joined a local gym as motivation to get our butts moving. In all honesty I’ve been pretty consistent with my workouts and I’m really proud of that!

Michelob ULTRA

Since our gym offers a ton of classes I like to go to as many as I can. I have been going to all the classes the offer  I like to switch up my workout classes taking everything from CrossFit, cycle, aerobics, swimming and recently downloaded Aaptiv.  For day’s I can’t make a class, I always use Aaptiv and I’m obsessed. There are so many good workouts on the app, you’ll never have to the same one again. It’s like having a personal trainer in my ear keeping me motivated.

I like the variety of changing my workouts, it keeps me on my toes and wondering what is coming next. I don’t feel like I’m getting stronger or better at one particular thing because I’m always changing what I’m doing.  However it works, I’m feeling much more confident and stronger.

Michelob ULTRA sweepstakesMichelob ULTRA Fitness Sweepstakes

I’m partnering with Michelob ULTRA because they are hosting the Michelob Ultra 95,000 Fitness Experience Sweepstakes. You can see all the rules and enter here. Yes, they are giving away 95,000 experiences because Michelob ULTRA only has 95 calories. Live your best life and stay on travel with your fitness goals at the same time — this is the best sweepstakes!

It’s a well known fact that Michelob ULTRA is the beer for people who are into fitness because of the low calories. I’m happy to be partnering with them today because as much as I love wine, beer is always my top choice.

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Cheers Robyn