Newlywed Series: The Best Marriage Advice We’ve Gotten

I love getting marriage advice from people and hearing what works (and doesn’t work) for other couples.  People are always generous sharing their advice and I’m sharing the best advice we’ve gotten.

“Do something every weekend together that you wont be able once you have kids! Travel, take weekend trips or do what you want on your own timeline!” 

I have heard this advice from so many people in various forms.  I love it so much because it’s such a good reminder to enjoy the time that we have together. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for anyone so take advantage of today!  We eventually want to have kids and start a family (I talked about it here) so we want we to enjoy our time kid-less now!

My husband and I have taken this advice very serious , we were ready to book a super last minute trip to Boston. Unfortunately we had to chancel because of schedules.  Even though we aren’t planning on traveling much this year we want to go on weekend trips that we wont be able to ones kids are in the picture.

On weekends we aren’t going out of town we are trying to be a little more spontaneous.  We recently went to the Green Mill Jazz Club in Uptown with some friends just because!  I want to plan some double dates and date nights throughout the month of February because we have the freedom right now.

I’ve always heard people talk about tim as being the most precious thing in life and the older I get, the more I realize it.  Our days could be numbered so why not enjoy what we have today!

Read more about our wedding here. What is the best marriage advice you’ve received?

Cheers Robyn